Best Water Activities to Enjoy in Fiji


Fiji’s water-based activities will never disappoint you. As you enjoy these activities, you may also want to appreciate the surrounding views. These are some of the best water activities to enjoy.

  • Kayaking – One of the best yet challenging water sport to do is Kayaking. Fiji’s water’s offers excellent opportunity and the freedom to enjoy this activity to the fullest. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this activity will surely not disappoint anyone. Just make sure to check the weather before heading into the water. The tides and winds can make this activity unsafe to do.
  • Paddle Boarding – Another exciting and fun water-based activity Fiji has in store for you is Paddle Boarding. It’s also a great way to stay in shape during your holiday vacation in Fiji. As you paddle, get mesmerized with some of the best marine species while doing this activity.
  • Snorkeling – This one’s a must-try activity for those who love diving underwater. Based on the accommodation, few resorts do offer free gear. If you can’t then you can always hire one at a very cheap rate. Once you hit the waters, you will definitely appreciate the beautiful marine species and rainbow-colored corals it has to offer.
  • Scuba Diving – One of the best and popular activity to do in Fiji is Scuba Diving. Fiji has a huge selection of scuba diving sites consisting of wonderful marine species and corals. Beginners too can do this activity with no harm. All you need is the suit and you’re good to go. Do yourself a favor, try bringing a water-proof camera to capture some of the best moments while scuba diving.

There are exclusive Fiji island resorts that offer these activities by providing you budget-friendly deals.

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