Best Beaches in Australia Couples Should Visit During their Honeymoon


Australia is home some remarkable beaches. It’s not just a country to feel free, but it’s also meant explore various foods, wine, nature, marine species and more. Couples, who love beaches, will surely have a memorable day on different beaches consisting of waves and nature. These are few best beaches in Australia couples must surely visit.

  • Bondi Beach –People who visit this beach surely fall in love due to its village atmosphere. Bondi Beach is also the world’s most sort-after beach consisting of nature and waves. The locals are friendly and it is the best beach to relax under the sun.
  • Manly Beach – This beach consists of 3 parts – North Steyne, South Steyne and Queens cliff. The Manly beach is popular for shopping and dining experiences. Along with shopping and dining, you must visit nightclubs if you’re in a mood to party with your partner.
  • Mission Beach – Although, the Mission Beach near Bedarra island has white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, the most popular activity to do here is skydiving. Be amazed by falling from 14,000ft above the sky giving you some mesmerizing views of the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Shelly Beach –If you love scuba diving and snorkeling, then Shelly beach offers some fantastic spots to enjoy these activities. You’ll be witnessing some of the finest marine species along with this activity. You can also visit Kiosk restaurant to feed your hunger.

Australia is truly one of those unique honeymoon destinations for couples.

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