Advantage Of Long Surf Board

The long board will probably be between nine to ten feet in length, with a plastic bottom and a foam top – hence the foamy longboard. These boards are very buoyant and will get you up and ride fast.

The next step in beginning your surfing journey is to pick a beach. A lot of times this will be picked for you by your location, or where you're going on vacation. You'll want to find a beach with waves big enough that you can get up on, but small enough and shallow enough that you won't be scared to get out there and try surfing. Again the beach you pick depends on the board you have. A shorter board will require much higher waves or more arm strength vs. a long board that can get up on much shorter waves and relatively light paddling. You can click on Contact Us page of any surfboard manufacturer site if you want to buy any kind of surfboard.

You'll want to ask the guys at the rental shop where the best local beach is to learn surfing. They also should be able to give you some great tips on getting up your first time. When you finally get to the beach watch the other surfers figure out how it's done. Observe how they begin paddling before the wave reaches them, and then stop paddling once the board gains momentum. Watch how they push themselves up at just the right time to ride the wave in successfully.

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