A Quality Retail Shop Fitout

A lot of clients ask what is the best way to approach a high superiority retail shop fit out? The answer is of course as you would approach any other major project by first and foremost trying to foresee major problems before they arise and then using all obtainable resources to make sure maximum return for optimum outlay.

"Optimum" is a better word to use than "smallest amount" because sometimes the savings that can be made by cutting corners and spending less in the short term can result in a world of pain further down the track. By getting the right development partners on board early so many potential pitfalls can be avoided.You can view our gallery to get more information on shop fitters perth.




From a construction perspective, this is done by methodically analyzing the project at all points before and during the build procedure. The critical points are:

Design time: what materials best suit the project's specifics? Are there any inherent problems to do with the site, i.e. what is right of entry like, is there appropriate parking and provision for the off load, what is the ceiling height and are there any other issues such as permits needed? Does the work need to be completed out of hours?

Costing: Are bulk orders likely? If so, this can radically reduce the unit cost. Is there an alternative cheaper product that will help keep costs down? Are there new products that have superseded customary systems? What is the expected lifespan of the fit out? Will it be updated yearly, monthly, weekly? What is the intended use of the space? Is it to be used as a play centre or an exclusive boutique?


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