4 Essential Makeup Accessories for a Winter Vacation

We all love to go for winter vacation to just unwind, enjoy the weather and have some fun after working the entire year. Packing for these vacations, however, is not that fun. Moreover, women not only need to pack their clothes but also their makeup.

Courtesy:The Proudpak

To these women we say, just stick to the basic and keep these four essential makeup accessories with you when going on a winter vacation:

  1. Makeup brushes: Makeup brushes are of course your tools for makeup application. So having some of your most used makeup brushes at your service is important. Without them you’ll have to go without makeup on your vacation which you obviously don’t want.
  2. Makeup remover wipes: Having the tools for makeup removal are as essential as your tools for makeup application. Makeup remover wipes are not only effective but very convenient for travel as well.
  3. Lip balm: In winters especially, your lips get all chapped up and need constant moisturization. Applying a lip balm will restore moisture to your lips and make application of lipstick to your lips easier as well.
  4. A good face mask: A good, multi-purpose mask will allow you to pack less makeup products. Face masks can make your skin firm, tackle blemishes and can give your skin a glow. By performing all these tasks, they help you avoid packing on too much makeup to look good.

Hence, if you are going on a winter vacation, you should pack these four essential makeup accessories in addition to your mineral makeup samples.

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