3D Printing Impact On The Packaging Supply Chain

Absorption of 3D printing in the packaging space more slowly than expected. This is surprising considering the benefits of 3D printing brings to the packaging supply chain. Here are some advantages to look out for:

Benefits for Packaging Manufacturers

One of the main benefits of 3D printing brings is that through rapid prototyping, it can cut the time needed for early-stage product development. Rapid prototyping enables providers to quickly producing prototype packaging and with lower costs, increase speed to market, optimize supply chain efficiency and reduce the need for high inventory levels.

Three Dimensional printing also helped to revolutionize the packaging machine itself. For example, the robotic arm used in production may be manufactured using a three-dimensional printer; The robotic arm will be lighter and more powerful. This will have a knock-on impact on the market spare parts for the machine as an end-user can print, with the appropriate software, any spare parts needed for the machine on their own sites.

Benefits to the Consumer Packaging

Mass customization more accessible via 3-dimensional printing; with personalized packaging high on the agenda of many brands, this could be a trigger for a larger investment. 3D printing allows customers to become independent; they can design and create their own customized package. individual design can be manufactured specifically for individual customer preferences. Personalized packaging is a great way to create and maintain a close relationship between the product and the customer because the customer puts the individual at the heart of the experience.

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