Long Island City Apartments

An exciting new type of apartment is leading the way forward into 21st century and that is eco-friendly living. Long Island City apartments are now achieving what may seem like a contradiction – luxury combined with energy efficiency features!

Environmentally responsible

Because of recent developments in environmentally responsible building, the cost for green construction has now become virtually the same as traditional methods. So the number of Long Island City apartments that are officially certified by Energy Star and LEED is on the rise.

The Energy Star system if run by The U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Green Buildings Council runs the LEED system. Apartments are graded by their energy-saving capacity and if the specifications are met they receive the coveted Green Certificate. If you are looking for luxury apartments then you can simply visit https://altalic.com.

Market leaders

Long Island City Apartments are currently leading the green NYC market for Apartments. It combine the low utility bills with the best amenities . You will be able to distinguish the new generation of apartments from the regular apartments because of the Green Certificate. So by going Green, what exactly do you get.

Indoor daylight

Green apartment buildings have more daylight and excellent ventilation, with special air quality monitoring systems and energy-efficient heating. A green apartment earns high marks from LEED by optimizing energy use by a minimum of 14% above the average. But the Energy Star certificate is only awarded to apartment buildings that improve this by 15%.

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