Internet Marketing in St. Albans

Internet Marketing is exactly as it sounds. It is the promotion of goods or services across the Web or Internet.

It is a common misconception, but simply having a website will not bring business! However attractive or detailed, your site or service will remain unknown until you tell people it’s there somehow. And that is what Internet Marketing does.

Internet Marketing – Where to begin?

Internet Marketing is a broad term for digital methods used to bring ‘relevant’ traffic to your domain. To become successful in your Internet Marketing activity, you need to consider your ‘target audience’ and how best to reach them. The more creative you are and the greater your understanding of your sector the better. Aim to form connections and develop popularity to become an authority in your field of expertise.

Many begin their Internet Marketing campaign through email. If promoted in the right way a list of relevant contacts or leads can bring instant visitors to your website. Try to remember that emailing is the most common form of direct advertising. Many have unfortunately abused the system. Unless your ‘brand’ is recognisable, many will consider email internet marketing as spam.

Internet Marketing through SEM

Search Engine Marketing is a ‘paid inclusion’ form of Internet Marketing service. This can involve advertising through;

  • Pay Per Click – Search Engines and Social Media
  • Adverts on Relevant Industry – Authoritative Websites
  • Videos and Viral Ads – YouTube
  • Directory Listings

These forms of Internet Marketing utilise contextual and targeted methods of reaching the right people. This can generate immediate sales or leads and give your website instant visibility.

Though there are immediate benefits to paid Internet Marketing services it can get very expensive if used solely and long term. There have been other concerns raised over the ethics of paid inclusion in Internet Marketing services. Anybody can ‘pay’ to advertise their company, and these types of services are not always ‘trusted’ by users.

Internet Marketing and SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the purest form of Internet Marketing. The objectives are longer term and highly beneficial. Having your website at the top of organic search engine searches gives your business credibility. It demonstrates your website’s authority and relevance to a users search.

The process involves optimising your website through SEO. By targeting keyword search terms, your site is found and trusted for the right reasons. You can learn more about What is SEO? here.

SEO as a form of Internet Marketing should be treated as an investment. You should choose your SEO Company carefully to make sure that the work undertaken is ethical, we can recommend Vertigo Studio from our personal experience.

SEO and SEM services can and should be used in conjunction. Internet Marketing is only highly effective when balanced and monitored correctly. In the wrong hands, you can waste a lot of time and money.

Vertigo Studio SEO team have the knowledge and experience to offer solutions for any budget.

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