What’s The Difference Between Analog Camera & IP Camera?

IP cameras possess the capacities of a camera using a PC performance and thus they do not need any direct link using PC to be controlled and is simple to be set anywhere inside a network.

Advantages of Analog Camera:

‘IP camera’ (Which is also known as ‘กล้องไอพี‘ in the Thai language) tends to be less costly and their setup is less expensive and is fast to set up with minimal configuration and network installation.

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Analog Cameras are somewhat easier to be preserved once they’re installed because these cameras aren’t attached to the networks of company or house and don’t operate in their mercy.

Analog Cameras normally perform much better in certain states such as:

  • Low lighting
  • Darkness
  • Fluorescent Lighting

Advantages of IP Camera:

 IP Cameras offer a larger resolution since they’re called network cameras and therefore the clarity of this picture totally depends upon the image resolution of this camera.

IP Camera has wireless reception since they hold in construct encryption and will transmit the signs in a safe way. It retains various transmission options such as:

  • Point to stage
  • Point to multipoint

Mesh Topology readily available to be utilized in remote surveillance software as the structure of this network area offers better flexibility in the evaluation of the movies

Useful from the electronic Transmission that normally prevents the information reduction, IP Cameras generally document in an electronic format so there is the simple conversion of images with no data loss.

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