What is the Difference Between a Condo and an Apartment?

When you look for homes for the purpose of purchasing, you will be confused because, after a while, they will all start to look the same.

But, have you ever wondered exactly what the difference between a flat and a condominium is? They look precisely the same! In case you have, you are right. They're no different from one another.

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Condos and apartments are basically both flats which are a part of a larger building. Where a condominium differs in the apartment is when it comes to ownership.

Condos are flats sold separately to various owners. The identical construction in its entirety can be possessed by a single individual and the flats inside leased to different individuals.

A condominium is usually defined as a set of homes which are independently owned on a single piece of property.

When you have a condominium, you do not own the land on which it is built, rather you purchase the area around surrounding your condominium. It might be on the first floor, or so on.

When you have a condominium you're purchasing a piece of property with access to suburban areas such as halls, lifts, and gardens. 

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