What is Garment Sort System?

A garment sort system is a very technical system for uniform rental plants and this system is totally a labor-intensive system that holds a big amount of floor space. The satisfaction of a client is only depending on returning the correct garments.

A proper sorting system provides solutions for any size of plants with various customized techniques. A garment sort systems at Softrol provides an innovative system to their customers and can meet the need and requirements of any size of the facility for a much more manageable investment.

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A proper and efficient sorting system provides solutions for an ever uniform rental facility that is free from the current size and future growth requirements. Effective sorting systems make use of minimum labor and take the help of types of machinery to create the floor space and convey the report to the management for saving in cost and inventory investment.

Essentials of an effective sorted system:

  • In an effective garment sort system, they always provide the solutions which can save the floor space.
  • Saving in inventory investment or production cost.
  • Labor intensive techniques are used.
  • Increase in the production capacity.
  • There will be overall customer satisfaction.
  • An accurate, flexible and efficient solution according to the type of customer.
  • A garment sort system should be more of a labor saving and a more machine oriented process.

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