Thinking About Construction Defect Evaluation

This goes to show that just because you have spent a few years with your blood, sweat, and tears out in the open to finish one project, does not mean it will pay off. For example, it could have been constructed poorly so now it will not be open to the public and give you back the amount of hard work back to you in cash. They need to inspect that because for all we know, someday it could drop on the heads of people without a warning and kill them in the process. That is why we need construction defect evaluation in Florida.

You have no idea how many times those have already happened due to poor building and careless inspections. Some mall that has been standing and serving people for years suddenly fell away as if it was made of sand and collapsed itself, terrifying so many people. Thankfully, there were no casualties.
And when we say no casualties, we say that as in we are only counting the humans and other living beings, But the mall? Yeah, not so much. Could you imagine if it was a human? And that part of its face just melted off suddenly? How disgusting and horrifying is that image, huh?
Thankfully, something like that does not happen in real life. At least we hope it does not. Otherwise, we might as well be in for some nightmare fuel. If that were to happen, do you think we are going to have some kind of inspection about how humans are constructed?
Who are they going to sue when they find a faulty the parents for messing it up? As funny as that may sound, in retrospect yeah, it still is funny. But going back to buildings and other projects, as much as terrifying as it sounds, we seriously cannot trust to be inside that unless professionals have had their go signal.
You can brag all you want about how great it turned out but it was one tap away from falling on top of our heads, then it might as well become an abandoned place. If you are a contractor, this may be the scariest point in your life. Unless you are the one doing the inspecting.
If not and it was your project that is being looked at, you better hope you did a great job at it. Or else it will be scrapped and your hard earned money that you put into making it will go to waste. You can be angry and spiteful all you want if they say no.
But it would be a lot better than facing an even bigger problem if it DOES open and suddenly decided it wanted to destroy itself on top of so many innocent people. And THEN you will really be facing a lot of charges because that right there had been your responsibility.
Try not to hate them in their evaluations. They are only doing their jobs, to be honest. It would be horrifying if they did this half assed and just did whatever they think is right without any real professional look into it.

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