The Top Lip-syncing App in Town

Alex Zhu, co-founder of musically, is happier than most. Its application, which allows you to record fragments of 15 seconds imitating pop songs and sharing the results with friends, has grown so prodigiously (now has 100 million users) that its server architecture has not been able to support the first half of the top of 2016

This is the base of committed users, 75% of them are women and 54% are under 24 years old, which is the secret of the application's success, suggests Zhu, 37, based in Shanghai. "They have time, they are creative, they are addicted to social networks." "And they also have videos produced by celebrities (known on the site as" museros "), including Jacob Sartorius, 14, a singer with 8.7 million fans in the app.

Zhu and his co-founder Louis Yang, 35, have designed as a way to distribute short educational videos. This idea did not take off, so the couple moved and changed their name in 2014. It was an instant success.

Now it is moving away from its roots, and has YouTube in its sights. The average age of the users is increasing, showing growth beyond their adolescent core, says Zhu, and the types of videos created by the animators are changing.

In addition to Meghan Trainor's last hit, users can now record their own sound. The application has set up sections for question and answer sessions, and a comedy area, and has also launched a separate live streaming application,, which Zhu hopes will become "a communication platform" for likes .

He has in mind the domination of the world: beginning with the expansion in Southeast Asia. "The good thing at this moment is that we have momentum," he adds. Oh, and a new set of servers that can cope with the popularity of your application.

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