The Best Option to Stay In New York

If we talk about the peculiarities of a rented apartment, then in New York the construction of special buildings began in the thirties of a century ago. At present for real estate rental owners is a separate type of business.

Today in New York, like in major cities, you can rent an apartment on a longer, weekend, week, month, or period, and you usually choose from different options. If there are particular matters that you would like to see on your apartment, you also can ask a realtor to help narrow down the search or you could contact 90 Columbus that offers luxury Jersey City rentals.

This applies to the level of the proposed residence and its price modules. In each district in the New York capital, you can rent a small studio (economy class), which will cost around $500 per month, but at the same time, there are truly luxurious apartment proposals, where the price will be the same only per day or weekend.

Logically, the most expensive residential apartment in New York is in the center, in the so-called "golden" triangle of the Jersey City, Stroll, run or bike on the promenades along the Hudson River waterfront, or packs a picnic for nearby Liberty State Park.

You don't have to rely on cheap prices and in the Jersey City Opera area, in the stunning skyline views of Lower Manhattan, New York Harbor and, of course, the Hudson River waterfront.

According to statistics provided by sellers, the most popular among tourists are one and two bedroom apartments; the cost is still relatively low.

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