Tasigna Medication Lawsuits

If you or someone you love has suffered from Tasigna atherosclerosis or associated conditions, you may be able to file a Tasigna lawsuit against Novartis. The leukemia drug Tasigna is connected to over 250 reports of a life-threatening artery disease called atherosclerosis.

The drug was prescribed with a Black Box warning related to Tasigna side effects; patients weren’t warned of related complications and the risk of Tasigna atherosclerosis. Have a peek at this site:  http://tasignalawyer.com/ to know more about tasigna lawsuit.

Asigna (nilotinib) is really a secondgeneration tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) medication prescribed for patients with Philadelphia chromosome positive chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), or into alternative cancer patients that are no more seeing favorable results in their existing treatments.CML is just a cancerous advanced cancer in that a strange Philadelphia chromosome produces way too many white blood cellsand preventing healthy tissues from functioning correctly.

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Tasigna operates by reducing the protein which activates the over production of white blood cells, also interfering with the rise and spread of cells.Tasigna is connected with a number of unwanted effects and complications.  The most frequent is atherosclerosis–a part of the arteries which affects blood vessels within the heart, brain, arms, arms, tendons, and glands.

Can you or somebody you like grow atherosclerosis or yet another significant complication whilst carrying Tasigna as a portion of a competitive cancer treatment regime?  If this is so, you might well be qualified to pursue reimbursement  for health care expenses, lost wages, pain and distress, and different harms.

Tasigna causes a quick onset constriction of the blood vessels in patients, leading to severe and sometimes fatal complications. Thousands of patients taking this drug have suffered from these serious complications.

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