Spiritual Warfare – Find a Peace

The average adult brain weighs between 2.7 to 3.1 lbs. Notice I said “average.” It has over 100,000,000,000 neurons and is the control center of the human body. Our brains assist us by deciphering the information gathered through our senses and then formulating a response.

The mind allows us to experience the emotions of joy, happiness, and pleasure – it even has the ability to process anger, fear, and pain. These thoughts and emotions determine our overall health; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If you are searching for inner peace then check this out guys.

The enemy of the spirit, Satan, is aware of the ability of a”sound-mind.”  It’s because of this he establishes a barrage of destructive thoughts and feelings .  If we’re not careful, then we’ll adopt these dangerous lies and eventually become absorbed and suspended by the unwanted feelings that they create.As”faith” may be that the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not found so too,”fear” is just a chemical.

Extended List of Evil Heavenly Powers and Principalities, Bride Ministries Prayer Resources

When permitted to keep, it starts to materialize and produces unwanted effects to that believer.Have you stopped to believe your mind could be the only inner organ tucked in a very hardened shell of bone – like another vital organsthat can be only partially shielded by our flesh?   In other words, we must start believing as He believes.  We have to start seeing ourselves since we sees us.   Solely by masking our heads from his Word could we walk into a peace which passes understanding.

It’s a peace which comes when our heads reflect upon that which God says is true concerning our situations, as in relation to that which we might feel or think holds true.Spiritual-warfare begins from the battle field of our heads.  To acquire the success we have to be happy to participate the enemy.

If unchallenged, he’ll commence strengthening strongholds along with”digging-in,” as we say.  His final aim is to guide you to slavery as a prisoner of war.  Christians that are reluctant to resist with his efforts of this type will only”HangOn” and”endure” lifetime, in best.

You have been called with a high calling – enlisted in an army that never sleeps, never retreats, and never quits. Under the banner and blood of Jesus Christ, you have already been given the title: “Conqueror.” Rise up today! Arm your mind with the powerful “Helmet-of-Salvation” and silence the storm of a restless mind.

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