Safeguard your Household Items by Stopping Cats from Spraying

Are the items in the house smelling of cat urine? Then it is time for you to search aggressively for ways on how to stop cats from spraying in the house. You would have spent a lot of money on the items which you have in the house. Some of them may be close to your heart. You wouldn’t your cats to spray on them. Have you ever smelled ammonia? The smell of cat spray would be somewhat similar to that. So, whenever you go near those items in the house, you would be greeted with that smell.


It is of paramount importance to understand why cats spray in the house. Cats think of the house as their own territory. You might have seen a documentary on TV where a tiger would go on rounds in the forest spraying on trees. It is actually marking its territory in the jungle. But, a cat thinks of the house itself as its territory. There is actually a pattern to the way cats spray for marking territory. Cats don’t spray at random places in the house. They specifically choose vertical objects in the house and spray on those objects. Even cat specialists are not able to figure out why cats like to spray on vertical objects.

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