Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is necessary for all homeowners who have rugs in their home. Professional cleaning should be done at least once per year, preferably in the spring months. Choosing a good professional is the key to having your carpets looking like brand new when they're done. Here are some red flags that should signal to you that something just isn't right about the professional carpet cleaner you're thinking of hiring. 

They Provide Prices Over The Phone

We've all heard of those $79 rooms specials. However, what most people don't realize is that these specials simply don't include everything. These companies tend to tack on service fees and put clauses in for certain size rooms. You shouldn't fall victim to these cleaning schemes. Rather, you should be dealing with a company who will come out to your home and give you an estimate based on the square footage of your home and the types of carpets that you have. 

They Don't Have A Website

Finding professional cleaning equipment is fairly easy to do at online auction sites. Basically, anyone who has the money to invest in some equipment can market themselves as a carpet cleaner. However, they will likely lack the necessary experience for knowing how to do the job. They won't invest in marketing efforts like a website. Professional cleaning companies that have the staff and experience to do the job right have nothing to hide. They will have a professional looking website that explains their services and showcases pictures of their jobs. For example, www.carpetcleaningstatecollege.net is a website for a professional cleaning firm that is trustworthy. 

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