Important features of event management


Event management, as the name suggests is managing an event. The important thing is, how well is it done. That’s all what makes a difference. Some of the important features of event management are as follows

Event Manager

The event manager is the person who deals and beheads the event, taking the power for the technical, creative, and logistical elements. This involves overall brand building, event design, communication strategy and marketing, audio-visual production, logistics, scripting, negotiation, budgeting and client service.

Event Venue

An event venue may be an offsite and onsite location. The event manager is mostly not answerable for operations at entertainment venues or rented event, but will direct all expressions of the event on field. Some of the assignments listed in the influx may pass to the venue, but generally at a cost.

Event managers who specifically work in the corporate world, book event venues to manage conferences, corporate meeting networking events, product launches, trade shows, team building retreats or training sessions in a more custom made environment.


Sustainable event management (also called event greening) is the procedure used to produce an event with distinct concern for economic, environmental and social issues. Secondly Sustainability in event management consolidates environmentally and socially responsible verdict making into the planning, alignment and implementation of, and involvement in, an event. It includes involving sustainable development principles and habituates in all levels of event alignment, and aspires to assure that an event is hosted and anchored responsibly. It embodies the total package of mediations at an event, and needs to be done in a unified manner.

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