How To Install A Raised Access Floor

An access floor is a powerful solution for your new age office enabling companies to handle cables within a well-organized method. Raised floor systems, also known as access floors, are basically an elevated structural floor that is stabilized on top of a solid substrate, which is generally a concrete slab.

‘Raised flooring’ (Which is also known as ‘พื้นยก‘  in the Thai language)  option is ideal for offices with a broad network of electricity, information center, and telecom providers in addition to for smaller offices.

It’s the safest and most convenient method to deal with the wiring and cables of your system. It’s among the most flexible and cost-effective procedures for distributing the wires of the whole construction.

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Unlike conventional floor, raised access flooring can help in preserving the optimum efficiency of your workplace and constructing a proper architectural construction that’s flexible and cost-effective.

Advantages of increased access flooring


The cable management system provides the utmost flexibility that’s needed to transform your office area and minimize the costs. The information center below the floor lets you reconfigure the design of the wires in minimal downtime.

With utilities beneath the ground, the electric installation price and labor cost are decreased by 30-40% allowing easy setup and versatility.

Design Freedom

The underfloor style of this entry flooring creates open space with no necessity for electricity rods. Most firms utilize this option for providing services such as pipes, cabling, HVAC and underfloor heating supply.

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