How To Choose A Brand Name?

Among the initial challenges, each marketer faces when launching a new brand is picking a name for this. You can visit to get business name ideas.

Naming is quite critical in the overall new plan for at least three reasons: it is the very first point of contact your customers have with your brand, and you also wish to make an initial good impression.

Secondly, a well-chosen name strengthens the brand placement in the brain of the customer. And next, the name you pick has an immediate effect in your new construction budget, since some titles are easier to convey than others.

Brand titles fall into 4 groups: household names, semi-descriptive titles, initials, and names that are abstract. Below is a Fast Summary of the advantages and disadvantages:

Family titles, as the description suggests, means that the brand is called after its creator. A number of the world's most powerful brands fall into such a class: McDonald's, Disney, Mercedes-Benz, Stanley Tools, Merrill Lynch, Harley-Davidson, Chanel, Gucci.

Semi-descriptive names supply some information regarding the product or its applications. Familiar brands which have embraced this naming strategy are Craftsman, Intel, Microsoft and MasterCard.

Benefits: this naming plan is quite"end-user friendly" and easy to convey. Cons: semi-descriptive titles don't offer strong differentiation and therefore are difficult to protect as trademarks.

Initials are an assortment of letters with no clear link to this product/service being promoted. This approach is used by well-established businesses and not suggested for new entrances to the marketplace. 

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