Hepatitis C Treatment Forms

Hepatitis C

The global scenario of the disease of Hepatitis C tends to create quite a progressive approach in the current time!

Initially, things were totally different!

Lack of facilities, right medicines and the high costs involved with the treatment led to non compliance of the right treatment process. This led to an increase in the cases of non-treated cases leading to worsened cases for the same. 

But, with several initiations and strategies being followed in the long run, several treatment forms have been introduced to cope up with the challenge.


Forms of hep C treatment 

Mentioned below is a list of the different forms of hep C treatment available for the disease cure:-

  • Medicines Combination

The current trending and the most efficient treatment for hepatitis c cure is the treatment that concerns with the use of combination medicines. A row of effective generic to combination medicines are popularly used by the medical professionals for the right treatment of disease. This would take at least 12 weeks of prescribed medicines intake to as long as further extension of the dosage based on the disease condition and liver damage. 

  • Liver transplant

The extreme case of hepatitis C leads to what is called as liver cancer or cirrhosis. This is a major concern for the patient as this may be result into an extreme case of liver damage that cannot be repaired. Only in these extreme cases, doctors prescribe a suggested liver transplant. However, before this, several tests and checkups need to be done.

There are different genotypes of the infection and the type of treatment drug recommended depends solely on it. Thus, it is very important to be in touch with your medical practitioner to stay on the right path during the treatment cycle.

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