Great Quality Samsung Digital Cameras

The Samsung ST30 is Samsung’s smallest and cheapest digital camera, using a 10 MP sensor. This is supported by the 2.4-inch display and can be a 3X optical zoom lens. Offered in a few stylish colors, it is very convenient and fits in just about any pocket. With a wide-angle 28mm lens, it zooms to 84mm.

 The important features of Samsung ST30 also include Smart automobile and Digital image stabilization. The Samsung ST30 might not be as featured packed camera but it has a number of important qualities that may it attractive. It’s truly small, low priced and looks quite cute.

Early this year adding to their assortment of compact cameras, Samsung published Samsung PL120. This digital camera comes with two displays.

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The rear one being a 2.7 inch and front LCD that’s of 1.5 inches is used for the effortless self-shoot. Installed using a 14 MP, the lens is a wide angle 5 X optical zoom that’s excellent for wide landscape images and zooming into distant subjects. This is beneficial to take videos at 720p HD at 30fps.

Samsung PL120 includes special features like Smart face recognition, ideal portrait system, Digital Image Stabilization, Magic frames, and Object Highlighting. The Samsung PL120 produces well-exposed images with superior color reproduction. The Total Samsung PL120 is ultra compact; comprises two displays and provides good value for money.

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