Getting A Visa To Russia

A lot of men and women intend to go to Russia this summer and will require a tourist visa. Russia needs tourist visas out of American travelers the same as the US needs Russians to own American visas. So how can you get a Russian visa? Visit the Russian visa agency to get more info here.

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Finding a visa to Russia isn't so hard and isn't overly pricey. The simplest approach is to contact one of the Russian visa bureaus that can take your passport, 1 photo and $200 or so and get you an official visa in fourteen days. If you'd like to save 30 you may apply by yourself, but I wouldn't suggest it. Why waste your nerves and time for conserving only a few bucks?

But if you would like to do it on your own (for whatever reason), here's a fast guide to the way to apply for a Russian visa on your own. Get your visa software bundle constructed. It must contain your passport, 1 passport size photograph, visa invitation (it is possible to buy one for $30 online), visa program, and also two money orders for $150 and $30. The first is that the amount of tourist itself and the latter is your cost for FedEx services.

The fantastic thing is that if you apply for a Russian visa, you will almost surely get it. It's quite uncommon that Americans are denied Russian tourist visas, particularly if you're going to Russia for the first time.

Bear in mind, it’s better to begin a visa procedure at least two weeks before your departure date, to make sure that in the event that you've forgotten something, you can resubmit your program. In addition, don't forget that if you're obtaining a Russian visa by yourself, you need to ask your resort or a sponsor in Russia to prepare entrance enrollment. You do not wish to get detained by authorities for breach of visa principles and trust me, law enforcement is going to have the ability to see you at the audience if you don't leave your shoes at home.

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