Coyotes – How to Control Them

Unfortunately people feed coyotes and they become bold and come to human habitations to get what they can, which may include pets and even small children. Here are the guidelines of the Department of Fish and Game:

To avoid problems with coyotes, people should follow these guidelines from the Department of Fish and Game:

Never feed a coyote – Deliberately feeding coyotes puts pets and other residents in the neighborhood at risk and it's against the law to feed coyotes or other wildlife. You can browse to know more about coyote trapping.

Also, people can inadvertently feed coyotes by leaving pet food or garbage where they can get it. Feed pets indoors or promptly remove outdoor dishes, bring bird feeders in at night, store bags of pet food indoors, and use trash cans with lids that clamp shut.

Clear brush and dense weeds from around dwellings – Reduce protective cover for coyotes and make the area less attractive to rodents. Coyotes, as well as other predators, may be attracted to areas where rodents are concentrated, such as wood piles and seed storage areas.

Protect children – Although rare, coyotes have been known to attack and seriously injure young children. Never leave small children unattended in areas known to be frequented by coyotes, even in familiar surroundings, such as a backyard.

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