Amazing Fijian Traditions You Need to Know


Besides the beaches, islands and crystal blue water’s, Fiji has a rich history of traditional ceremonies. During your time in Fiji, you will witness a few traditions which will be shared with you through an invitation. Here are a few traditions you must know before heading over to Fiji.

  • Yaqona Ceremony –During this ceremony, you will be served a bowl of Kava (a national and local drink). Kava is made from local pepper plant which is made from its crushed roots which is mixed with water. In Fiji, you will be seated in a circle on the floor and then served kava in a coconut shell. This drink will make your tongue and lips slightly numb helping you feel relaxed.
  • The Meke–A Meke is a ceremonial traditional dance performance. Gongs, bamboo sticks and drums along with claps and chants are a part of this ceremony. This is a ceremony you don’t want to miss during your time in Fiji.
  • Lovo Feast –This is a Fijian traditional meal where the food is prepared in a Lovo which is an underground oven. A hole is dug first and then wood and large hot stones are placed within. Meat wrapped in banana leaves and coconut stalks along with a few traditional spices are allowed to cook for up to 2 hours.

These are some of the most famous traditions that take place in luxury islands of Fiji.

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