All About Rotary Drum Dryer

The most crucial advantage of the rotary dryers is the capability to accommodate products that have moisture contents or several size particles.

A rotary drum dryer is a system used throughout the world to reduce the moisture content of feed material by drying out the varied materials speedily. Its production efficiency depends upon the airspeed, the angle of inclination and speed of the spinning. 

Rotary drum dryer rewards:

  1. Less drying time

Rotary drum dryer machines dry out the raw stuff quickly as the thin film spread across the substantial areas to dry up in the only few seconds.

  1. Wide fuel option

You may use any fuel to feed to the rotary dryers like waste wood, rice husks, diesel, natural gas, etc..

  1. Eco-friendly

The compact and robust design of the hot air furnace provides out clean hot air into the rotary dryer. Thereby, it creates a tiny quantity of dust and noise during the process.

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  1. High operation flexibility

Altering the things that affect drum drying like substance potties, drum rate, the drying efficiency will be unique. These advantages make the drying machine matches for the different drying requirements and productivities of numerous raw materials.

  1. Compact size

The compact dimensions of the rotary dryer occupy less space than other dryers.

  1. Generates uniform solid particles

These machines tend to be less sensitive to the size of the material fed into it. It can dry out varied kinds of products. They’re excellent for the creation of their uniform solid particles. You have to purchase the dryer based on the substance or the needs.

  1. Best for the large or small projects

You can decide on the rotary drum dryer for your small or big projects as they are available in all sizes to accommodate several amounts, moisture content ranges, and goods to accommodate all your needs.


Rotary drum dryer may be utilized in the broad fields like biomass pellet industry, organic fertilizer &chemical fertilizer, agriculture & feed industry, metallurgy, construction materials drying, food & chemical industry, mining businesses, etc.. The majority of the raw materials for these areas are okay with the raw materials like manure waste, straw, ores, wood sawdust, crystals, etc..

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